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Review: Biffy Clyro-Ellipses

The Scottish three-piece recently put out their long-awaited follow up to Opposites this month and as always, they didn’t disappoint. This is their seventh album and if there’s a formula to writing a masterpiece they certainly aren’t sharing.

After the first tease of the album back in March with the Wolves of Winter it was clear they had something big planned and so rightly after their ‘quiet year’ in 2015. Upon first listen it becomes clear that whatever they did in their year off has done then a world of good that’s really reflected in the energy of the songs.

For a long time Biffy Clyro were known as one of the more pioneering and strange guitar bands in the UK and tracks like Small Wishes maintain this attitude with the unexpected use of barroom piano. Small Wishes is probably my favourite track from the album, sitting only behind Animal Style as I feel it sits most comfortably in the centre of the albums swings.

Re-arrange sits at the most mellow and not at all what we’d expect from Biffy. I won’t lie I feel that it’s a push too far from their usual sound and even the sound of this album, perhaps it’s better suited to either Neil’s solo project or as a B-Side but it doesn’t sit comfortably on this album.

In songs such as Herex there appears to be a little regression to the old Biffy ways as seen in the 2013 album Opposites which although I enjoy, I would’ve liked to see some progression made here and even the Wolves of Winter seems to echo Blackened Sky .

That being said the album was well received by the fans and on the whole it’s not a bad body of music but it doesn’t hold ground next to Only Revolutions. They’ve clearly written it with their upcoming performances at the likes of Leeds and Reading festival this summer and ever growing tour schedule in mind. I have no doubt they’ll make the songs come to life in a live setting as they always do so whilst it’s a slightly disheartening album, it’s by no means shabby and I don’t doubt it’ll settle nicely into their setlist.

Overall: 3 stars

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