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Review: Nothing but Thieves @ Riverside

Nothing but Thieves began their band life in Southend back in 2011. Since then they’ve steadily built themselves a fan base playing with the likes of Twin Atlantic and Muse. They’ve had critical acclaim and one of the best first albums this side of Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not yet somehow they’ve still managed to slip under the radar. If you don’t know who they are then check them out on spotify or youtube.

They have support from Black Foxxes and Sundara Karma, both of which do the band proud and create an atmosphere just right for Nothing but Thieves to go on and storm the stage. They started with a bang by opening the show with Itch where Langridge-Brown and Craik did not disappoint, letting  the riffs speak for themselves rather than letting frontman Conor Mason take all the glory.

They then went on through Hanging and Drawing Pins, eventually slowing down to play Tempt You (Evocatio), a song I didn’t expect to hear live. They somehow capture the essence and nature of what makes the song so special despite being a far reach from their studios. The atmosphere created during the song is eerie almost ghostly which they did well to achieve in a room full of 400 sweaty bodies still heaving a little from Ban All The Music.

It was nice to see the five piece go back to their roots and play a cover of The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? which was a treat with Mason’s vocals. A personal favourite moment of mine was Blake’s grinning face as he struts up the front of the stage to be greeted by whooping for the opening chords of Wake Up Call.

This band are a unique experience and a pleasure to watch. There were moments when they pushed themselves very slightly too far out of their comfort zone and it didn’t pay off but when they do their usual they do it well. They all have a chemistry that makes them fit seemlessly together when playing and it’s obvious they’ve grown their sound through live shows rather than studio time. If you can catch them this summer at Reading or Leeds then I’d say its worth it and if not then they’re embarking on a mini-tour in the winter, tickets available here.

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