Bands Made for the Summer

These bands are made for the summer so we best enjoy them while the sunshine lasts. Now naturally this list is not everything but it is my personal curation of the top indie bands required for any garden party/pre-drinks/roadtrip that may face you over the summer.

  1. Circa Waves, they’re a somewhat well known band from Liverpool. With over 500,000 monthly listeners on spotify they’re certainly no unheard of gem but that’s because they are THE band of the summer. Songs like ‘T-Shirt Weather’ and ‘Fossils’ are guaranteed to have everyone bouncing along. Their whole debut album is made for the summer so don’t sleep on it and give them a listen mid-October because trust me, its like seeing the ice-cream man at Christmas; just wrong.
  2. The Jungle Doctors, they’re a small band who met at uni (and are still there) and although they only have the one EP out right now, all four songs deserve a listen and they’re going to blow up more than they already have with breaks on the likes of E4’s Made in Chelsea, when they come back from their recent hiatus, you heard it here first. Go and give them some love on spotify, soundcloud, bandcamp or youtube.
  3. Two Door Cinema Club, now I’m sure you’ve heard of these lovely boys before but have you heard their new single ‘Are You Ready? (Wreck)‘ it captures the spirit of the band perfectly. They recently played it at Glastonbury and in doing that they removed any doubt people may have had that they’re a summer band churning out infectious banger after banger.
  4. Spector are small and mighty. After just recently completing their ‘Tenner Tour’ of the UK and releasing the politically motivated ‘Born in the EU‘ they’re gearing up for a summer full of festival performances. The reason they’ve got a summer of festivals? They know how to get a crowd bouncing, after seeing them a few weeks ago I can confirm they really know what they’re doing when they get the crowd moving. Hit them up on spotify oryoutube.
  5. Lisbon are a local band to me hailing from Whitley Bay. They’re like Fickle Friends without the feminine touch and the perfect band for that ‘arms open’ moment. Before you know it these likely lads will have you and your pals belting out ‘oh darling be my blue love BLUE LOOOOOVE’ in each others faces. And if you didn’t think they were cool enough as it is they recently played a gig on a boat cruising down the Tyne. Support the cause and give them a listen on spotify, soundcloud or even musicglue.
  6. Sundara Karma. I’m lucky enough to have seen this four-piece twice and both times they’ve just hit the spot. They’re from Reading and therefore having grown up with a booming live music scene they know how to put on a show. Indigo Puff, Flame and Run Away are the perfect songs for just chilling in the sun. My favourite thing about this band is how easily you can just throw on one of their EPs and relax. Watch out for their debut album coming this autumn and until then check them out on spotify and youtube.

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