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Don Broco: Automatic Night

Round two and I thought I was more prepared, I was wrong. If you read about Priorities Night then you’d know how much I bang on about how the crowd were bloody loving it and I’d never been to a warmer gig in my life. Well tonight I (along with several others that I spotted) came in a little lighter than the night before but somehow it didn’t help.

Everything goes a little quicker for night two so MassMatiks grace the stage earlier and they’re evidently more confident than the previous night, people clearly having heeded their advice and had a look at the MassMatiks spotify when they got home. George, the frontman, is taking the time to really get in with the crowd and it’s paying off as with guitarist Joe Turner bringing his A game they prove why they’re getting a reputation for being a bit lairy. Either way they do their job well.

So the temperature is already rising faster than the majority of the front crowd know what to do with but it’s just making everyone more eager to move so when the Broco lads burst out on stage and straight into Superlove, everyone is bouncing. Whereas last night was truly Si Delaney’s night tonight Tom Doyle stepped up to the plate. They run through more favourites like¬†Automatic and Keep on Pushing which get an even better response than some of the older Priorities classics.

The temperature at this point is becoming unbearable and drummer Matt Donnelly looks glad of a seat as the sweat is dripping down everyone’s faces. Despite all this the band push through more songs and during the likes of Let You Get Away it becomes evident that there’s an entirely different vibe tonight than there was the night before. People are dancing and bopping but they’re also moshing? It’s nothing to complain about but perhaps it shows the direction that Don Broco are headed in? I don’t know but it was nice to see that the uninhibited gig spirit remained.

Nerve was a particular high point in the evening, it marked the end of the main set and it was massive. All members seemed to fall into sync with each other which yes was quite late in the set but at least it happened; some bands never seem to align. Rob’s vocals were impressive and the way the whole band played it made it an atmospheric three minutes. I hope for more like this in the future.

Overall this seemed like a more out-there affair for the band, a far stretch from the homely sound of Priorities but it didn’t hold them back at all. Rob’s Freddy Mercury-esque stage presence propelled the performance forward and I imagine it will do for years/albums to come.

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