I recently had the pleasure of seeing these lads not once but twice during Don Broco’s Priorities/Automatic tour. They’re self-described as ‘if Audioslave were lairy and British’ which sums them up nicely. Unbelievably they’re unsigned at the moment though if their live show is anything to go by then they won’t be for long so give them a listen now to stay ahead of the trend.

Unfortunately with the price of making an album MassMatiks have only been able to release two singles on Spotify and three videos on YouTube but regardless of this they’re still worth a spin. The band hit at that spot in the market that seemed so big in the 90s but has slowly closed up over the years; the spot reserved for lyricists that tell it like it is while still discussing real issues.

George, the frontman, in a recent interview said that whilst they are lairy and he is exposing truths; it isn’t supposed to be angry it’s just honest. With that comment in mind the likes of 4AM seems all the more raw. 4AM tells the story of an ex-girlfriend and you can probably imagine where it goes, there’s a bitterness and a cheekiness about the song but I think this is characteristic of the lads, another song about critics is similar. It’s like they’re hitting back at the man whilst they know something we don’t.

Guitarist Joe goes heavy on the riffs and drummer Josh is absolutely relentless, giving the band a kind of vibe that I’ve only really seen in Slaves. Slaves would be a fair comparison to MassMatiks actually, they’re both similar sounding whilst having a love affair with music so passionate it comes out almost violently. After over two years of band life it’s clear they’ve worked at crafting a sound for themselves and putting on a good show.

I hope to see big things from MassMatiks in the future but for now you can check them out on soundcloud or spotify and keep your eyes peeled for an autumn tour.

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