Now I won’t lie I’ve slept on this album for too long. I heard Easy back in 2015, saw it was Penn Badgley and left it be then I found the album a few months ago and filed it away. I finally got round to listening to it last night and by god I’m glad I did. MOTHXR (pronounced mother but stylized for easier googling) are a four piece hailing from Brooklyn in 2014 with a slinky RnB sound.

The album ‘Centerfold’ feels heavily indebted to the likes of The Weeknd and Drake whilst also having elements of Foals and Everything Everything in the guitar. Badgley’s voice seems to have a melodic husk to it that really lends itself to the band’s lyrics. The lyrics upon first listen are typical of the way RnB has been going recently but with retrospection they’re more raw, more sexually menacing than you’d think and there’s a tense drama in the tone of the songs, particularly Stranger and Centerfold.

On the whole songs like Underground are perfect for a sultry summer. MOTHXR really set a vibe that other alternative bands have struggled to do successfully in my opinion in 2016. I like listening to the album as a comedown album for walking home after a night out or even for setting the mood earlier in the night, either way it’s for when the sun comes down. My favourites are Underground and Wild Ride.

If you’re really not convinced yet then go check out the video for Touch; it’s an interesting little watch and it’s got a really nice aesthetic to it not to mention the whole 50’s greaser look they have going on. They’ve recently also put out a new single called Fight the Feeling and

The band are embarking upon a European tour in September and I’m excited to see what they do live if you are too them hit them up for tickets here, you’ll catch me at their Manchester show at Sound Control (it’s only £9) and if not then show them a little love on Spotify or YouTube instead maybe? Either way, don’t do like I did and sleep on it; I’ll bet they’ll make it big before next summer.

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