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Blossoms @ HMV Newcastle

So if Blossoms weren’t already highly praised enough then they’re about to be. This afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing them perform a little acoustic set in HMV Newcastle. The gaggle of fans had been queuing outside since half ten and there were even a pair of genuinely lovely fans all the way from Sterling, Scotland! It seems Blossoms have built quite the cult following over the past two years.

They came sauntering out and right on time showing they haven’t lost their humble roots just yet. Ogden was clearly right at home under the gaze of a hundred teenagers as was Kellock whilst Salt grew into his role as the set progressed. The band carry their songs into a slower and more melodic pace than the upbeat synths that usually power through the songs naturally. They’ve got all their songs down through and through (a dying talent) and subsequently took a couple of audience requests which lead to a heartfelt rendition of Smashing Pianos and an upbeat Blown Rose.

As well as their musical talents Ogden shows he also has the gift of the gab, bantering back and forth with the audience and with Kellock. They ran through My Favourite Room, the only song on the set to stay the same as the original album version for the most part and Ogden was so bold as to reveal that the friend that says he should be alone in the opening verse is in fact drummer, Joe Donovan. Blossoms round off the set with Charlemagne which went down well with the crowd.

If anyone, like myself, was worried about the sudden absence of all of Blossom’s EPs from spotify along with every other major streaming service then fear not, I asked them about it and apparently not only will they return but, the band are ‘doing something special’ with them for said return so watch this space! The lads are just as lovely as they appear in interviews and across social media and were an absolute joy to chat to.

I think the opportunity they provided with these in-store sessions have been valuable in proving their versatility as a band stripped back as well as in a full show, although if their success continues to grow I can’t see acoustic in-store performances in the future. However, if you missed out on these performances you can still head on over to their vevo channel to see some stripped back versions of The Getaway, Honey Sweet and Charlemagne.

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