Daniel Dobbs

If you’re not familiar with this one I’ll forgive you, he’s only got 9,000 youtube subscribers and a couple of songs on spotify but that isn’t stopping him. Hailing from Nottingham he’s got a lot going for him. I was lucky enough to stumble across his song Move which was featured in the short film Blue Sushi and since then have become enraptured with his voice.

His EP, Support feels like a love letter in reverse. You get a sense of catharsis in The Ignorant and Shark Teeth, a kind of ‘everything  I didn’t say’ and these kinds of songs compliment his powerful voice. Dobbs shows his talent for the guitar in Support particularly though his acoustic performances speak for themselves proving him to be a skilled musician.

His lyrics seem typical of a singer/songwriter in his position but songs like Another Fist and Hold Me Back suggest that there’s more under the surface of Daniel Dobbs and shows promise for the future of his music. His songs have a Smiths-esque quality about them for the most part in that they take uplifting melodies and juxtapose them against darker and deeper lyrics. His voice is raw yet versatile; it’s certainly clear that he’s spent time honing his voice (time well spent).

His most recent single Hold Me Back is a more mature sound than his others and if that’s what he has in store for other songs then I have no doubt that he’ll be signed before he knows it (I’m as surprised as you are that he’s not signed yet!). He’s said on his tumblr that the inspiration was about spending time alone then coming back into the lives of friends/family and making mistakes and being fearful of his own incompetence which is a far cry from the likes of The Ignorant or other older songs.

If you want to show Daniel a little love then head over to his youtube channel, spotify or bandcamp to support him. I expect great things from Daniel Dobbs in the future so watch this space.

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