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Album Review: Lonely the Brave ‘Dust & Bones’

August 12th marks the release of Cambridge quintet Lonely the Brave’s new EP Dust and Bones. Following their massive second album Things Will Matter the EP follows in the same vein. I first heard of Lonely the Brave back when they were touring for The Days War and they’ve progressed into a formidable force that are heading for big things; there’s no doubt in my mind they could be headlining major festival stages in the next few years.

Though there are only four songs on the EP they’re all exceptional. The EP picks up where the album, Things Will Matter, left off and furthers the motifs of it creating a more rounded body of music. The cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is a nice touch in particular. It shows that Lonely the Brave are confident in their sound and proud to show their influences. The band flesh out the song with bigger sounds from less instruments and David Jakes’ vocals make the song feel more raw than the original. They use all 5:19 minutes to show just what they’re capable of and what they’re capable of is outstanding.

The up-tempo Bottled Time feels nostalgic despite it being so new but perhaps points toward the new sound we can expect from Lonely the Brave on the next album. Lyrically it is very similar to Dust And Bone though instrumentally it is different creating a juxtaposition that implies that different moods bring around the same feelings, a motif that was not so clear through the album.

Place Isn’t Lost feels, at least to me, influenced by Biffy Clyro. There is an air of Simon Neil in the chorus with a deeply anthemic belting of lyrics that Biffy manage to do so well. The song feels mature and even cathartic to listen to in contrast to the others on the EP.

Overall the EP is a wonderful collection of extras following Things Will Matter, if you like Lonely the Brave as it is then this is for you. If you’re a fan of Pearl Jam, Springsteen or even Mallory Knox, this is also for you! Go give it a spin over on spotify.

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