Neighbourhood Fest: Who to See

Right just to fill you in, on the off chance you haven’t heard, Manchester has a whole new inner city festival going on this summer and it’s called Neighbourhood. Neighbourhood is a city-wide festival with a range of venues from Revolution Oxford Road through Sound Control, right the way up to Albert Hall. Despite it being the first year of the festival they’ve somehow managed to bag one hell of a lineup. There’s still tickets left here and you’re getting far more than your money’s worth for just £30. I’m heading to Neighbourhood so here’s my low-down of the five bands you don’t want to miss.

Blossoms: If you’ve read my blog often you may know that I proper love their album so this is a no brainer. Given that they’ve managed to sell out all Manchester dates of their two upcoming tours this is the perfect opportunity to see them live and bop along to Charlemagne with a festival crowd. I can’t imagine it’ll be long until Blossoms are selling out far larger venues than the ones here like the Albert Hall so catch them before they blow up any further!

The Amazons: These a hidden gem, with only six songs on spotify they’re not that well known but what they may lack in fanbase they make up for with the tunes. You want to be checking out Ultraviolet and Nightdriving to really know what you’re getting into. They’ve played a full summer of festivals so I have no doubt that they’ll be giving their all to Neighbourhood, as it’s one of the last festivals of the year.

Little Comets: If there’s one thing that Little Comets do well it’s getting everyone dancing. They have a remarkable talent for mixing upbeat melodies and vocal expression with lyrics that branch far further into wider topics such as sexism. I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform a couple of times and they just keep getting better, appearing to pick up new things from each crowd they grace with their presence.

I’m sure they’ll be fighting fit for their performance as they’re embarking upon a running gig during the Great North Run this weekend for charity, though they started their career in equally as odd venues such as metros round Newcastle and lecture theatres. Regardless of all that, Little Comets are an absolute treat and I can’t wait to see them in a festival setting.

Black Foxxes: One thing you’ll spy straight away with this trio is that they’re something special. They have a knack for getting the audience’s attention with an almost Nirvana like stage presence. With their debut album, I’m Not Well, out now they won’t be short of material to flaunt though older songs like Husk will hopefully still get a play. This is music that makes you feel something in your limbs and your chest so you’ll be sure to be jumping around as Mark Holley’s lyrics wash over you, perhaps this band aren’t for the nervous.

Lonely the Brave: They recently brought out their Dust and Bones EP as a continuation of the Things Will Matter album and I can’t wait to see how they perform it. Lonely the Brave have spent an awful lot of their time touring so when it comes to live sound, they have it down to a tee.

They have euphoric choruses in older songs like Victory Line and The Blue, The Green. They’ve got two great albums so I have no doubt that they’ll have an impressive setlist for Neighbourhood. After their current tour they’ve got nothing else planned so catch them at Neighbourhood to see the end of the Things Will Matter era.

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