What? You haven’t heard of them? Well hop on it right now. They’re a quad of indie rockers from Whitley Bay (you all know how I hold my Geordie bands dearly) and if you like Vant or Fickle Friends they’re for you.

Lisbon hit that wonderful indie pop sweet spot in which they nail that guitarline which makes you wanna bop till you drop whilst the lyrics are bounce over it. Although they’re still playing smaller venues headlining they’ve recently opened a 12,000 capacity arena for Kaiser Chiefs. Songs like the summer anthem Blue Love are a clear show of promise for the future with an anthemic chorus that just makes you want to grab your best mate and belt it out at a festival, I have a feeling that as the band grows that Blue Love will remain on the setlist for a long time to come.

My favourite Lisbon song beyond a shadow of a doubt is Vice, it is the ultimate bop and you can fight me in the comments if you wish on that one. With the guitar and the lyrics and the vocals and the funky bass and the drums it is perfect. Everyone who I play this song for has started pulling shapes by the time they hear ‘devil’s in my pocket’, it’s an infectious groove. Rio also has a similar vibe to Vice with the bassline making it a groove. Rio, despite not being released between Vice and Shark, is a good centreground between the the difference sounds of Vice and their newest single, Shark which is a little heavier but still glorious for the ears nonetheless.

Are you still not sold? Do you like Game of Thrones? They’ve only gone and wrote a bloody song about Daenerys. BAM, if that didn’t get you then maybe Lisbon actually aren’t for you (I doubt it). Check them out here, here or here.

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