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Young Kato: I Wanna Shake You Out Of It

Young Kato may only be a group of young lads from Cheltenham but they’ve already got an album under their belts and they’ve coming back for more. Following the success of Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow and the summer anthems Drink, Dance, Play and Sunshine that came from it, they’ve headed back to the studio for a new EP.

The One. Two. Three. Four. EP is more ambitious than anything they’ve done before, evidenced by their two videos for the eponymous track and the newest track I Wanna Shake You Out Of It. The EP is produced by Raudhri Cushnan, who’s really captured the new sound of the band whilst keeping the essence of what makes these songs Young Kato songs.

New song, I Wanna Shake You Out Of It, is your classic indie bop. It has that crisp guitar that bounces along with the inevitably upbeat drumming. You know that new funk the 1975 have been playing with? They’ve thrown a bit of that on it too. Somehow the Young Kato lads have pulled off an incredibly upbeat song without it being doomed to wither in a summer playlist for the next 9 months. For all the elements of the song, it seems effortless and timeless, a trait which I have no doubt will come to life when the EP is performed live.

The lyrics feel a bit more mature than some of the bigger songs off the album and this points toward perhaps more songs with serious bases in the future. I dare say I can hear the influence of Father John Misty in there too lyrically; don’t get me wrong its not heavy but it’s there.

The video for the song is something else. It sets up the mood almost instantly, giving a retro grunge-y back alley club vibe making I Wanna Shake You Out Of It even more dancey than it already was and cements it as a bop for all seasons. The simplicity of the neon means that there’s no distraction from the song, only a sultry dancing mood is added. Overall these two new productions are speaking volumes for Young Kato and their future, and making me wish I was living further south so I could catch a show this October. If you’re luckier than me and living in Bristol, Brighton, Manchester or Birmingham then be sure to pop into a gig. The whole One. Two. Three. Four EP comes out on 30th September.

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