Most Anticipated Albums: Winter 2016

It’s been a busy summer and even as we now settle into autumn it’s not slowed down. This week Two Door Cinema Club, Little Comets and The Stone sodding Roses have announced tours. We’re all broke essentially but hey! here’s more stuff to spend money on. A tour means a new album and an album means a tour so here’s the albums and subsequently tours, we can be looking forward to this winter.

The Courteeners ‘Mapping the┬áRendezvous’

If The 17th is anything to go by then we’re in for a treat, if No One Will Ever Replace Us is anything to go by then we’re in for something a little less bouncy, but nonetheless a treat. The Courteeners haven’t put out a bad album yet, even the lesser talked Falcon has gems on it. Following Concrete Love the band have had a monumental two years and it looks like they’ll only be going up. Their Heaton Park show proved they’ve got the fans, the tunes and the charisma to be moving on up the charts. Their most recent release Kitchen has been met with mixed reviews, we all agree it’s a tune but some argue it’s not a Courteeners tune. I like it, and it’s defo going to have the crowds bouncing at their November shows so what’s the issue?

Arguably Heaton Park was The Courteeners’ iconic gig, as time goes on it’s proving to be the one that sticks in people’s minds and it’s in no way a bad one to be remembered. With these things in mind Fray seems to have written bigger songs, hinting at bigger goals for Mapping the Rendezvous. Hopefully we’ll hear some glimpses of what the album has in store when Liam Fray takes to the stage for an acoustic set at Neighbourhood Festival in October.

Jaws ‘Simplicity’

Be Slowly was a promising start for Jaws and the songs they’ve dropped pre-album are great. I am actually in love with Right in Front of Me. It sounds just as mellow as Be Slowly but it also sounds bigger, like the band know they’re gonna be moving into bigger and better venues with the release of the album. To be fair to them it’s not a bad shout and if all of Simplicity sounds like this then I think it’s going to bring them to the forefront of indie music and depending on their run of shows in November/December, it could be the turning point in their careers. I hope it is, they’re a breath of cool air in the ever warming indie genre, even with more upbeat songs like What We Haven’t Got Yet. As I write this there’s a month to go until the album drops exactly and I have a countdown clock on my phone for it.

Two Door Cinema Club ‘Gameshow’

Gameshow has been a hell of a long time coming. Two Door seemingly dropped off the face of the earth after dropping out of a headline slot at Latitude 2014. A trio of new songs have now surfaced on the band’s Spotify page and they all seem to centre around the perils of modern life and being an outsider in your own generation, as frontman Alex Trimble puts it. Are We Ready? (Wreck) sounds like what we’d expect from Two Door but with a couple of synths. Bad Decisions however takes a far groovier tone and hopefully is a glimpse at the more rhythmic songs that Beacon was missing.

There’s high hopes for Gameshow and the tour that’ll follow in 2017. Two Door have said that the videos, songs and artwork are all interlinked and contribute to a wider message unlike the previous two albums which ultimately were less cohesive due to the pressures of being on an independent record label. Overall the album is sounding amazing so far and there are a lot of people watching to see how they pull off their comeback and bring their wider concept to the stage but I have high hopes nonetheless.

Kings of Leon ‘Walls’

Kings of Leon are now seven albums down so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Following 2013’s Mechanical Bull wouldn’t be the easiest task. Although the album went seemingly unnoticed for the most part in the UK, anyone who’s listened to it can tell you that it has some amazing tunes on it. From WALLS so far we’ve heard the eponymous track and Waste a Moment which both sound like the band Kings of Leon have been verging on being for a long time.

WALLS takes the best of all the previous albums and the respite of their break to take an album that doesn’t just sound put together, but sounds crafted. One thing I admire about the band is that they are what they say on the tin, a straight forward rock band, no gimmicks or tricks, just a rock band. Their simplicity plays well into the hands of WALLS which really lets their skills show. New track, Around the World, is jangly, anthemic and reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. This album could potentially see them headlining festivals like Glastonbury, although I have my hopes of Reading and Leeds.

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