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Recently I’ve been branching out a little further than my usual spotify and into the realms of soundcloud. It’s been a while since I last used it and I’m super glad that a couple of submissions have got me back into the habit as it’s absolutely swimming with new bands. In case you haven’t been on there in a while or if you’re a regular and just fancy finding some new bands then read on.


A three-piece upcoming synthpop band hailing from Huddersfield. Oslo is the name of their newest track and its an odd one, it begins slow almost sexy then it bridges into something far more anthemic in the chorus. The lyrics are melodic and tell a story, they’re oozing with emotion and the vocals echo these feelings whilst sitting very seperate from the instrumental before coming together again for the second chorus. Give Oslo a listen here.


Beautiful, simple and so relaxing. This is like Daughter and Ben Howard and everyone else on your come down playlist. His voice just seems to permeate me and all I want to do is close my eyes and lay back, taking in all the layers of the songs. I think my favourite is either the newest track Alter or maybe Scintillate. Alter sounds a little more mature and laid back than the other tracks, there’s an almost gospel-like quality to it. Give Alter a listen here.

The Loft Club

This four piece have been described as sounding ‘a bit like ______’ fill the gap with whatever you like, I’m sure someone’s said it. I like this quality about them though, by sounding similar to so many other well known bands I think they’ve really been able to show their roots and cherry pick the best quality of all that they love in other bands. Their track Heart’s Desire is quite country with some solid vocals the mixture of female and male vocals is a rare treat especially when done right. Give Heart’s Desire a listen here.


They’re a little bit indie they’re a little bit pop and they’re a teeny bit rock. There’s a great contrast where the lyrics, vocal tone and tempo all match but the guitar is far more upbeat, making for an interesting mix that famously has worked very well for indie bands. Always Blue is a nice little bop and has become a recent addition to my cleaning playlist, its good for singing into a nearby utensil or cleaning product and swaying to. Give Always Blue a spin here.

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