Tours You Can’t Miss in 2017

The current touring situation is a little crappy if you ask me, last year it was back to back gigs from September to February but at the minute everything seems a little dead. Sure we have a couple of really decent gigs coming up (see Catfish, the Courteeners and Jaws) but it’s nothing like it was before. Anyway, it looks like everyone’s opted for an early 2017 tour and these are my picks of what you can’t be missing next year.

Sundara Karma

They’re dropping their debut album in early January and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s gonna be good. I swear the Sundara lads can do no bad, musically anyway, and this is just going to prove my point. They’re already got quite the following as proven by their R&L performance this year and the September tour.

We already know sort of what to expect with the album as songs like A Young Understanding and Loveblood have been on their setlist for years but newer songs like Olympia are still flying the flag for camp Sundara just as well as the golden oldies, I imagine this will be their last small tour before they really get popular so if you wanna hop on the bandwagon then now is the time.


They’re touring again (Who’d have thought it?) and this is some of their biggest venues to date. Some of the most noteable venues upgrades are in Newcastle, going from Riverside, a 400 cap. club to the O2 Academy, a 2000 cap. venue. It’ll be interesting to see how the band cope with the bigger venue jumps. If Neighbourhood Festival is anything to go by then they have nothing to worry about other than the crowd possibly jumping through into the basement. With the new material, which I’ve been told features a couple of older b sides such as Across the Moor, their setlist will no doubt become even more refined as they gear up for what’ll probably be another summer of festivals, and that gig with the Courteeners at Old Trafford.

Mallory Knox

It’s been a while since anything was done with Assymetry which, in my opinion, was one of the best albums of 2014 and got massively overlooked. They recently released their new track Giving It Up and announced a March/April tour. The new songs seem to keep the Mallory Knox spirit whilst taking a fresh set of ideas. The band delve into far larger issues than were dealt with in Assymetry with the likes of mental illness, religion and whether you can be a rockstar on the road and an average joe at home.

It brings me very sad news to have to tell you this but Blossoms and Mallory Knox clash in Newcastle, they both play on the 31st of March. Fear not though, Blossoms appear to be playing early as it’s a Friday so you may do as I will be and take a brisk jog between the O2 Academy and Newcastle Uni SU to get the best of both worlds (I may have to miss Blossoms’ encore, sorry lads).

Little Comets

I love a Little Comets show, it feels like home. There’s something lovely about bopping around their melodies, they make me feel fuzzy inside like for that hour they’re on stage I can just be free to dance. They have a new album due for a February release called Worhead but that’s literally all that’s known on the matter though knowing Little Comets, it’ll be something special as always.

Declan McKenna

I feel like everyone and their best mate has been talking about Declan McKenna recently, but that is for a reason, reason being that he’s ridiculously talented. He, like Little Comets, talks about the things that normally get swept under the rug in the entertainment industry which is risky for an upcoming artist but he doesn’t seem to care. Brazil talks about the FIFA corruption, Paracetamol about transgender misrepresentation and what you can get away with in America.

Not only does he talk about all of these things, he also happens to a glorious singing voice and an incredibly talented band behind him every step of the way. With his debut album due to arrive in the Spring of 2017 I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of new tracks were trialed on this tour so don’t miss out on getting an early listen.

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