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Review: Jaws’ ‘Simplicity’

They’re back. Jaws have been away but they’re back at it and its bigger, better and somehow more indie. Simplicity dropped a couple of days ago now on the 4th but honestly I’ve been enjoying it as a fan of the band too much to articulate what I’m feeling about it as a reviewer. The album feels like it’s more Jaws, like the band have grown into their skin and gotten more confident since the success of their debut.

The album opens with Just a Boy, a safe track by all means. Just a Boy is a standard Jaws track, not breaking new ground and perhaps that’s necessary as it’s been two years since Be Slowly so there’s been a point to prove in showing that they’re the still the same band. From there What We Haven’t Got Yet is an entirely different beast, it’s far more upbeat and lyrically wider than the majority of Be Slowly.

A song I really love from Simplicity has to be 17, I’d sort of just taken it in the first couple of listens through the album but as more and more people started talking about the album it became apparent I’d skipped over a gem. The way the song builds from a very melancholy opening to the euphoric feeling it gives off at the end is exceptional with the way the opening fits the lyrics then juxtaposes them as it builds.

Another song I love is Right in Front Of Me. I first heard it on the day it was released and it just struck me as an anthem. Its a bizarre little number as it’s entirely chilled out whilst building to this big old chorus that makes you want to belt it out so it fits between the two mediums nicely I suppose. On the Sunshine is a bit similar in that last respect.

Overall I’m loving it. Simplicity is well crafted and you can really tell that the Jaws lads have taken Be Slowly and just build on the foundations it grew them rather than trying to take parts of their sound forward and ditch other bits which historically has just left bands sounding disjointed. I get the feeling that certain songs from Simplicity are going to be on the setlist for years to come and I can’t wait to hear the new songs live. Grab a ticket for their UK tour here if you do too.

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