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Reading and Leeds: What’s Next

So with the arrival of the first billing announcement there has also come a barrage of backlash. Muse are being called too obvious and a little past it by most and I have to agree. For all Muse have headlined the festival successfully many times before, things are changing and the type of people that go to R&L are simply not the same people that listen to Muse. Muse’s fans have all gotten older with them meaning that they’re mostly 20+ if not 25+ which isn’t the main demographic of R&L.

I completely understand why the staff at R&L HQ have decided on Muse, it’s because after having five headliners last year they want to play it safe and go back to the usual way of three massive ones. The festival have always been good at diversity, particularly last year by having plenty on show especially in terms of indie music which is where it should be heading. With rumours of both Kasabian and Kings of Leon being the main headliner pretty much everyone has taken to social media to complain, but what does this mean for the festival and potential festival go-ers?

This year there really is slim pickings on the major festival front, Glasto is a no-go unless you already have your ticket, T in the Park is cancelled and now R&L has turned out a crappy headliner. Isle of Wight? Ruined it, they had Arcade Fire and I was almost sold but seemingly unnoticed, they announced Rod Stewart as the second headliner recently and all hope was gone. So it’s time for the small time festivals to shine. Between Kendall Calling, Y Not and 2,000 Trees you should be spoilt for choice, just see how good their lineups were last year.

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