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A Chat With… The Cassandras

For quite a while now our brothers and sisters over across the pond in Australia have been making some noise and it’s about time we started listening. The Cassandras, from Melbourne, are three piece indie rock outfit that boast a repetoir of tracks filled with 90s nostalgia and groove. We got to chat with frontman Fionn about the band’s inspirations, artwork and even crashing cars.


  1. You take elements of pop culture in your songs quite a lot, would you say that you take inspiration from all types of art (film, TV, fine art, fashion etc.) rather than music alone?


Absolutely! I think that film and television in particular have always been a natural influence. I’ve always found it super fun to draw from stories and worlds that I love, whether it’s trying to portray a vibe of a setting or playing with character perspectives. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but TV shows can become such a big part of my life when I’m stuck into them. It makes sense that whatever I’m digging at the time finds its way into the songs. Friends and 3rd Rock from the Sun pretty much raised me.

2. Did liking music ranging between Lauryn Hill and The Strokes make finding the band’s sound more or less difficult?


Probably more difficult, but hopefully a long term positive. It was definitely a weird process to try and build a sound with so many contrasting influences, but it’s our hope that this is giving us a point of difference stylistically. We are still in the process though, we’ve recently moved away from the hip-hop drums and have started sounding more live on our new singles, it’s exciting to keep changing and trying new things out.

3. I love The Strokes – what’s your favourite Strokes album?


Is This It for sure. It’s hard to beat because it’s so raw and original. Although it has been slightly tainted since I crashed in to the back of a doctor’s Mercedes while jamming too hard to The Modern Age. Great Song.

4. As Aussies, is it difficult to break into indie music when the scene is so dominated by UK and US bands?


I guess it probably is. There’s so much amazing music flying around everywhere that I think it’s pretty tough to break into popular band culture anywhere. There’s loads of incredible Australian bands that have recently earned a seat at the table so we have faith that we can do the same one day!

5. Do you think that file sharing/music streaming is a good or bad thing for music? On one hand it makes music far more accessible but it’s also been said that fans grow more fickle when there’s so much at their fingertips.


It’s awesome. It’s certainly true that grabbing people’s attention amongst a bazillion worthy artists is daunting – but I think that’s outweighed by how exciting it is to be able to throw your music out there without a label. Music being free is so important to us, I think that trying to charge people for tunes is like standing in the way of them enjoying your band.

6. You have a doodle-y style of artwork that accompanies all your music, do you think it can be equally as important as the music at times to have a set image/aesthetic that is synonymous with a band?


Oh for sure. The visual stuff is super important to us. All of my favourite artists seem to have that stylistic cohesion between their music and visuals. Dreaming up the artwork is one of the things we enjoy the most about our release process. We work with a Melbourne artist called Badmann who is also a close friend. Having that relationship allows us to work together so well and create artwork that we are super proud of.

7. What does 2017 have in store for The Cassandras?


Heaps and heaps. We have two or three singles ready for Jan and Feb and we’ve started rehearsing for some shows around the same time. It’ll be amazing to get stuck into some shows because we haven’t played many for a good while. Also really keen to get stuck into an EP next year as this past year has been all about singles. Other than that, just planning to completely blow up and become the most outrageously famous band of all time…


8. Where did inspiration for the new single come from?


Haha. Having our hearts curb-stomped as young teens. Most people can probably recall their first ever world crushing love beat-down. This song is really just about that.


9. The artwork for the single is funny and sad in equal measures, was that intentional?


God yes. We like the idea of being really honest and emotional, whilst at the same time making sure people know they can laugh at us – it’s much more fun that way.



To check out The Cassandras and give their newest track ‘I Want To be Someone People Want To Be Close To’ click here and be sure to give them a like on facebook to keep up to date with them.

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