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So I’ve been gone a few weeks and Jesus Christ has a lot changed. The 1975’s UK tour has been and gone, as has 2016. There’s been new music from Sundara Karma, Ed Sheeran, You Me At Six and it’s only been 2017 for nine days. I thought I’d give a bit of a run down of what me and everyone reckons is going to get big this year, give you a little head start.

Sundara Karma are big news but I’m sure you aren’t surprised if you’ve followed them recently or gave their debut album a spin. The album seems to branch the gap between where the EPs left off and the heights the band are currently at, giving them a cohesive and timeless body of music. They’ve been doing pretty well with ever growing UK tours and a string of US shows, backed by the BBC no less. I wouldn’t be surprised if the album (Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect) comes up in the top ten this week.

Hopefully the seemingly dead Peace shall resurrect for the new year. After a festival season last year that was lacking a little magic from the likes of Peace we’ve all got our fingers crossed they’ve been busy for big year and some new songs. 2015’s Happy People was glorious but it has been noticed that the band haven’t been on tour or even updating social media, so Harry Koisser and co. if you’re reading this- please don’t be gone too long.

2016 saw the sad departures of indie veterans The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club and as of yet there have been many bands step up to the plate and attempt filling their shoes, the first being Two Door Cinema Club. Two Door aren’t so much filling shoes as regaining their footing after a fair while out of the spotlight which couldn’t have ended at a better time. They’ve done a few shows in 2016 but with their UK tour fast approaching and no doubt some festival slots to be announced, they’re going to be busy this year. These shows are going to be the make or break of the band’s ‘indie great’ status.

It’s a little of the path of the other bands but this could be the year of Mallory Knox. I’ve followed them for coming up to four years and with their third album comes an ambition that I haven’t seen in them before. The two songs we’ve heard so far from Wired are more complex and melodic than the other two albums and I honestly think they’ve found their niche. It seems they’ve learned, they’ve grown and moved on from their personal grievances to tackle some wider themes in their music and this could be the year people are ready to listen.

I think the final one has to be GIRLI. Ever since I found Breaking My Phone I’ve bloody loved her. She’s upbeat, she’s in your face and she’s probably just what you’ve been missing. Have a spin of Girl I Met on the Internet and tell me you don’t relate. She’s funny and real in equal parts and yet her songs don’t feel gimmicky. Girli has a rare skill. Quite simply it’s music for girls by a girl, made simply to dance and get a bit lairy. I can guarantee GIRLI is what your playlist is missing.

Of course there’s other artists I’m backing (Little Comets, Declan McKenna, The Magic Gang, The Pale White, Seeing Hands, Eliza and the Bear etc.) but if I were to give them all a paragraph I would be here for actual days. 2017 has started well and I hope that its means things have started as they mean to go on.

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