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Blossoms @ O2 Academy Newcastle

I know it’s been a while, I won’t make excuses may as well just crack on. Blossoms brought their self-titled album back to Newcastle for a final spin before festival season and boy were we glad to see them back. Now you wouldn’t be wrong to perhaps think that the O2 Academy is an unlikely home to Stockport’s Sons afterall they were playing to 400 people at Riverside only last year; however they held the room incredibly.

Opening with the thumping At Most A Kiss Tom Ogden held the crowd in the palm of his hand, strutting around the stage with an air of Gallagher about him. The band dipped between old and new songs, including fan favourites such as Across the Moor and Polka Dot Bones from older EPs. Their 80s pop indie sound is slick and that of a band that clearly work as one rather than a collective.

With the bright lights of Coachella among other debuts awaiting Blossoms they barely batted an eye at the circle pits opening on almost every chorus they threw at the eager crowd. It was during My Favourite Room that the real connection between the band and crowd came as Ogden chose his muse for the night and serenaded the thousands of teens before they too serenading him with Don’t Look Back in Anger.

For a night with an early curfew Blossoms packed in a full set of feel good indie hits and fan favorites alike that assure them returning fans when they next return to the North East (hopefully with some new songs).


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