Nothing but Thieves: Broken Machine?


There’s been silence on the airways for Nothing But Thieves pretty much ever since the end of festival season last year but finally it’s come to an end. It would seem they’re intent on keeping the fans busy too. Since gaining a cult following with their debut album the band have begun a set of cryptic games and clues to their upcoming project (I would say album but its literally that vague.)

So far the clues have been a playlist on Spotify entitled 35 19 N 115 1 N featuring their entire discography and an unnamed 30 second snipet of something? Could be an intro to a song or a prelude. Thanks to a fan account on twitter the title was found to be Brkn Mchn, written in atomic numbers from the Periodic Table and it was confirmed by the band.

This then links into a puzzle they dropped yesterday. A cipher hangman-esque game reveals the words Broken Machine, confirming the Spotify playlist title. After you finish the puzzle it fades into a short video of the band in the studio with another snipet, this time with a heavy guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place on Painkiller. 

So far this is all there is, no release dates or mention of what Broken Machine is, especially with all the band on media blackout. I can bet on them revealing something at Hit the North maybe even playing a new song. Overall what they’ve got going on all seems a little Radiohead to me which isn’t surprising given that they’ve all voiced their love for Thom Yorke & Co. A lot of fans are keeping on top of the hints and puzzles, to make sure you’re doing the same follow them on twitter here or like them on facebook here.

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