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A Chat With.. The Cassandras (2.0)

It’s a few months since hearing from The Cassandras but they’re back on the radar and they’ve got an EP this time! Hormonal Tones is a more mature take on those teenage relationships you couldn’t forget if you wanted to. Fear not there’s no loss of their tongue in cheek attitude to the subject of youth (and the loss of it).

With the addition of a drummer their tracks are feels more cohesive and fuller, I can only imagine what they sound like live with a full band. The lead single Love is Like a Turtleneck it’s clear the boys haven’t lost their indie sensibilities with darker and richer sounds reminiscent of The Strokes and Sonic Youth. It’s practically pulsing with energy, pushing the upbeat melody with the suffocating lyrics, even the delivery of the lyrics points to a clever juxtaposition.

Grown Ups reflects the dark lyrics and bouncy melody juxtaposition best. It’s lyrically dark and reflective in a raw way. The slower, beachy feeling of the chorus changes the mood of the song, making it more languished than it initially seems. Here’s what front man Fionn had to say about the EP:

1. Its been a few months since we last chatted, what’s been happening in the Cassandra’s world?

Heaps and heaps! We’ve been rehearsing the live set but the main focus has been putting all the finishing touches on ‘Hormonal Tones’.

2. How was making your first EP?

It was a really big step forward for us. It was an ambitious decision to go it alone and produce everything ourselves, but it forced us to learn so much about recording and our sound as a band. There were some testing times and some frustrating technological setbacks, but that’s all part of it and probably allows us to feel even prouder now that it’s all done! All in all, it was actually an incredibly fun experience.

3. How does the process differ from the singles you made in the past?

I think you definitely put extra pressure on yourself when you’re trying to create a full product. Definitely the fact that it’s our debut EP created a slightly more tedious approach. A huge difference in this EP from the previous releases was that we recorded live drums, something that we’ve wanted to do since the start but had never quite felt we had the resources to tackle. We feel the live drums have really added something more to the sound and we really hope people agree.

4. You say the EP cost next to nothing to make, as the band grows do you think you’ll keep the DIY approach?

Not entirely sure at this stage. It was something we did more out of financial necessity this first time, but it was so much fun and there’s so many things that we would love to try next time that it’s not unlikely at all. If Rick Rubin is interested in taking over next time then we’ll probably reassess.

5. What’s the reception to the single’s been like?

Really amazing. People have been so incredibly supportive and seem to have enjoyed the slightly different sound. We’ve had some really lovely feedback overall for sure.

6. My favourite song from the EP is Love is Like A Turtle Neck, what’s yours?

It’s a tough question to answer but we are probably most excited for people to hear the fourth song on the EP, ‘Grown Ups’. We think it tells a pretty cool story and has some big drum and guitar moments. There’s even a tempo change half way through the song, so we feel pretty groovy about that one.

Check out the EP here and the Cassandras here.

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