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A Chat With… The Pale White

the pale white
The Pale White are a rock trio born and raised in the North East. Since forming in early 2015 they’ve been growing and growing.
Their new single Turn It Around just dropped and it’s already going down a storm, and just in time for them to support Twin Atlantic up and down the UK then hit festivals. Check out the Turn It Around video below. Or check it out on Spotify here. I had a chat with the band about their new music and what we can expect from them this year.
1.”Turn It Around” fits the sound of The Pale White, heavy guitar and bouncy chorus, is it something the band naturally does or are you trying to build up a recognizable sound for the band? 
As a band we never follow a particular formula or apply the same approach to any track we write really. We just write the music we would want to hear and the kind of music that excites the three of us. We’re all fans of melody and guitar hooks and we’re not afraid to write a big chorus. Our sound just stems from what comes out when the three of us play together, its very natural.
2. Your older track “That Dress” went down very well on Spotify, was there any pressure with following up to that?
We’re chuffed with the response that track has had on Spotify. From the first time we played it live we knew it was a special song from the way people reacted to it. Its become a firm live favourite, and its really exciting for the three of us to watch a song we wrote in our sweaty little rehearsal room sang back to us by crowds around the country! We never feel any pressure to follow tracks up really, like we’ve said we just release the music that excites us. Theres a few different sides to our band and lots of music we’re excited to share with people. We haven’t showed all our cards just yet.
3. You’re playing Hit the North, can we expect more new tunes there? 
We can’t wait for Hit the North, its such a good lineup and exactly what Newcastle needs and deserves. Its been a dream all three of us share to play the O2 Academy Newcastle Main stage from the minute we picked up guitars or sat at a drum kit, so its safe to say we’re going to make the most of our first time playing there! There will be some new songs in the set actually…Its one of our favourite parts of being in a band, getting to play new material live, and we’ve recently been writing some new songs that we feel are our strongest yet.
4. How does it feel to be the highest billed local band there?
Like we’ve said, playing the O2 Academy Newcastle is something we’ve wanted to do from an early age and we’re thrilled at the stage lineup we’ve been asked to play amongst. It’s also really cool that we’re the highest billed local band on the lineup! We’ll take that! Newcastle is definitely producing some of the most interesting and ambitious bands the local scene has had in quite a while, so its really great that the festival is acknowledging that with slots from Feva, A festival, A Parade and Them Things.
5. You’ve toured with some of the fastest rising indie bands around, have they imparted any wisdom?
No one has necessarily imparted wisdom directly but we’ve definitely taken cues from people we’ve played with. We recently did a handful of dates with The Amazons and we genuinely can’t say enough nice things about those guys. Really down to earth and super friendly bunch of lads. Great tunes as well! They really take the time to speak to people who come to their gigs and give 110% at every show, and I think that really speaks volumes. Blaenavon and High Tyde as well. All of these bands are all passionate about listening to and making music, and making the music they want to make and I think thats why people love them.
6. Theres loads of new indie bands around the North East, is it more exciting or daunting to be one of them? 
It’s exciting to see so many bands from the North East that are genuinly grabbing peoples attention. A lot of people in these bands are our good friends and we want to see them do well. We’re always championing new music from the region in interviews, through our Spotify playlists and even when we chat to people after gigs up and down the country. Its a scene thats absolutely on the brink of being the most exciting in the country.
7. You’ve said that musically nothings happened in Newcastle in a while, do you think its a disadvantage to start a band here?
Its a disadvantage in the sense that its quite far away if you’re doing a gig in London and are travelling back the same night! I mean being from anywhere in the country and being in a band has its challenges and hurdles, and more and more artists are embracing a DIY approach to their artwork, videos and production. Its very common for up and coming bands to be incredibly hands on. It provides artists with an opportunity to have a complete voice though, and really show what they are all about. There has definitely been a shift in the last year regarding gig attendance in Newcastle. We’ve always been really fortunate to have a great turn out to our local gigs from people who are really passionate about what we do, but on the whole It feels like people are starting to get out more and are making an effort to see up and coming bands from the region. Venues and promoters are really supporting local artists with good slots with touring emerging acts, and the Time Square gigs and Hit The North are really giving good opportunities for local bands to be seen by people who wouldn’t necessarily go to a local gig. Theres a ton of bands that have come from the area that we admire musically and think are great, but we aren’t shy about our ambitions as a band. We want to be the biggest band in the country.
8. Do you think there is a North/South divide in music? 
Theres always been a sense of North / South rivalry in music I suppose. Just look at Oasis and Blur in the 90’s! For us as band we’ve always been supported by and supported bands from all over the country. A divide is not something we’ve ever thought of to be honest. I think its much easier now to  keep in touch with other bands after playing together and striking up friendships. Some of our biggest supporters and friends are in bands based down south, like Anteros and Indigo Husk (everyone should check them out). London gigs always feel like a party. Its an opportunity to catch up with bands and people we’ve played with. I guess we’ve just had good experiences playing with nice people, regardless of where they are based.
9. What are the plans for the rest of 2017? 
There will be lots of new music coming from us in the coming months. We want to just keep sharing tracks and playing shows. Going to keep gigging up and down the country and visiting our favourite service stations. We’re beyond excited for our tour with Twin Atlantic though. Its going to be mental. They are going to be the biggest shows we’ve played as a band so far and we’re desperate to get out on the road and get weird and not shower for a couple of weeks. We’ve also got some more dates in the pipeline that we can’t wait to announce! We’re doing some shows at the Surfcafe in Tynemouth to warm up for the TA shows that sold out in under 2 hours! Love playing Surfcafe. Such a beautiful gaff…shame were going to smash it up!
10. Any tricks up your sleeve for the upcoming festival slots? 
T shirt cannons and a bass drum filled with goldfish.

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