A Chat With… The Old Pink House

Newcastle four piece The Old Pink House return with new release Take It Out On Me.
Coming just in time for their slot headlining The Cumberland Arms at Evolution Emerging. The new track mashes barking guitars and hypnotic synths, creating the perfect summer vibe that’ll no doubt have everyone dancing. Give the track a listen here.

It’s been a big first year for The Old Pink House, what stands out as a highlight?
Playing with The Sherlocks at the Church Leeds was a big moment – it was the biggest show we’ve played so far, a sold out crowd of around 600 people. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd were really going for it, so that was a lot of fun. Our hometown support with The Amazons was also pretty amazing – just getting to share a stage with a band we really respect is great.

What can we expect from the next year?
In coming months we’ll be doing the first of many hometown headline shows, which we’re really excited about. Besides that our only concrete plan is keep releasing music and get out touring. We want to reach as many people as possible.

You’ve just played Riverside for Meet the North, what was it like playing a venue that size?
It was amazing. We were excited to be going on before Shields and Little Comets but we didn’t expect so many people to show up for our set. We had a lot of fun.

Did you get the chance to catch many other bands over that weekend?
Yeah, the whole weekend was pretty great. We caught Keiandra with her band before our set, which they smashed. I saw Feva for the first time, they pretty much levelled The Bottle Shop on the Friday night. Yonaka were absolutely incredible at Jumpin’ Jacks as well, they really blew me away.

Who will you be seeing at Evolution Emerging?
The one band I absolutely won’t be missing is Penguin, it’s their first show and I’ve been really excited about seeing them since I first heard about them. Coquin Migale is a must, obviously.

What’s your favourite local venue?
Well, I think just about everyone loves The Cluny. I’ve seen a lot of amazing bands play in the Think Tank as well, when there’s a good show on in there the atmosphere is electric.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
The only time I’ve ever done karaoke is when I’ve been really drunk so I don’t really remember, besides that it probably sounded awful. We like playing Redbone by Childish Gambino in the rehearsal room – who knows, we might even try playing it at a show sometime.

Do you think it’s more difficult to get attention, being a band from Newcastle?
Not necessarily – I’m quite cautious about taking that view as I think it’s easy for Newcastle bands to sound like they have a chip on their shoulder. It’s understandable as I think the distance from places like London, where most of the industry is situated, can make the city feel quite remote and can leave the bands based up here feeling like the industry isn’t listening when they are. Generally though, I think if a band writes good songs and works hard, they’ll get the recognition they deserve. I think we’re seeing that now with bands like The Pale White leading the charge – the industry is looking at Newcastle again for bands and we should all feel good about that.

Do you think there’s a North/South divide in music?
Not really. There’s so much music that has come out of the north that’s celebrated and considered iconic that its hard to subscribe to that belief. I mean, The 1975 are one of the biggest bands in the world right now and they’re from the North – I think if there’s one arena that is inherently non-divisive, it’s music.

Picture the scene, it’s 2025 and the second album has just gone to number 1. You’ve been asked to headline Reading and Leeds, who do you want to see at the top of the billing with you?
We’d die happy if we could play with Foals, Tame Impala and Queens of the Stone Age.

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