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Youth Killed It: Modern Bollotics

When a band describe themselves as ‘Mike Skinner taking cocaine mixed with Blur and a bit of Limp Bizkit’ you know you’re in for a treat.

I can’t help but agree with the description too. There’s something old school about their lyrics that makes me think of Fred Durst, they’re angry but they’re funny in equal parts which is refreshing in a sea of bands taking themselves far too seriously.

Popstar is the lead single and it’s genuinely one my favourites from the album. Frontman Jack Murphy lays down his lyrics with precision but he’s not quite slick, this isn’t hip hop he’s giving us. It’s a dirty, punchy delivery that pushes up the tempo. Popstar and What Happpened remind me so much of the indie of the 2000s, it’s like The Wombats meets The Streets but oddly enough but it works.

My other favourite from the album is FUDGE, despite being about the failures of school days it couldn’t feel more upbeat. The guitars are far more indie than punk but it plays to the band’s strengths as it makes the song more summery and moveable. It’s like this song was written for the FIFA soundtrack, it’s that kind of sing it under your breath, wiggle in your seat kind of song.

Molly and Lads in Love are refreshing. The songs are a bit daft but they’re tempered with the charm and wit that makes Youth Killed It so appealing. The flowing, plucky guitars in Lads in Love is a new side of the band but it doesn’t feel forced, there’s a movement between poppier elements and punkier elements whilst maintaining the cheesiness of the lyrics, its a delicate balance but they make it look so natural.

Two songs go out of their way to reassure older fans that Youth Killed It haven’t lost their punk sensibility, just added more indie to the mix. Job Back and Soul Trader feel the closest to the older style of the band whilst maintaining a rockier edge, the instrumental of Soul Trader is heavy and bouncy in equal parts.

Thanks for Coming is a nice little number on the end, at first you might be mistaken for thinking they’ve been listening to be a bit too much Coldplay but it’s tongue in cheek, thank god. It’s the perfect summation of Modern Bollotics in my opinion, it’s funny, it’s clever and just as any good album should do, leaves you wanting more. I can imagine that live this’ll get a few lighters in the air, and if any of Youth Killed It are watching then  please get yourselves up North so I don’t have to imagine.

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