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The North East is an incredibly exciting place to be at the moment for music. You know they said you’re never more than six feet away from a spider? Well when you’re walking through town you’re never more than six feet away from a band member. Coquin Migale happen to be one of our most prominent treasures at the moment. With new single Plans fresh off the press, they’re all set for their headlining set at Evolution Emerging.

Despite having already had a busy year the band aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon with ‘more music, more live dates and plenty of graft’ in store for the coming months. All the hard work is already paying off too, Plans has been given attention from BBC Introducing, Spotify and the band tell us ‘The reception to Plans has been amazing. The amount of lovely things being said has genuinely touched us. So many people messaging us about it being their favourite song of ours and how it’s spoken to them in a way they can truly relate to is moving.’

The boys boast Evolution Emerging as having been ‘a highlight of the city for years’ and how they’re ‘really looking forward to performing for everyone’. There’s boatloads of talent spread right the way across Ouseburn Valley on the 27th but Coquin Migale have a pretty convincing argument why they should be top of your priorities, ‘Remember those daft ‘if you don’t like this picture there will be a girl at the end of your bed tonight‘ posts? That, but if you don’t come to see us.’

Coquin Migale give us a taste of what it’s like being at a hometown festival ‘We tend to be a little more laid back. A lot of the audience usually consists of people that have supported us since the early days. Our friends, our family come to see us and we give them something to enjoy. It’s still something we take very seriously, however we’re just that little bit more chilled and open to silliness when we’re home.’

When talking about Newcastle, it’s recent musical history and how until two years ago things were on a real decline, the boys muse on the future looks bright ‘I think there were concerns a couple of years back, but now there’s a genuine buzz which I can only relate to the B-Town movement, only better, of course! So many bands are killing it right now up here. The North East is without a doubt the place to be right now.’

When they’re not busy making music Coquin Migale’s favourite venues around the town are Jumpin Jacks, Think Tank? Underground and slightly out the way but no less lovely, Tynemouth Surf Cafe. Their favourite karaoke song? the classic ‘Wham! – Club Tropicana’ of course.

And finally, if they’re headlining Reading and Leeds who do they want at the top of the billing with them? ‘Foals, Childish Gambino, Chaz and Dave, Bloc Party, Glass Animals, Frank Sinatra, Zayn, Bombay Bicycle Club and James Blunt.’ So it seems not even the sky is the limit for Coquin Migale.

Get your ticket for Evolution Emerging here and give Plans a listen here.

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