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Marigolds – Asleep in the Sun

Norfolk four piece Marigolds, have come out with Asleep In The Sun their follow up EP to the success of their eponymous EP in 2016. They’ve retained their indie pop sound but they’ve cut deeper in the lyrics. It’s more eclectic than the first EP, it appears to be the band coming out their shell more, hopefully it’s a glimpse of future endeavours.

Asleep In The Sun opens with the mellow as ever “Chamomile”. It’s a genuinely glorious song for when it’s sunny, it sways you and bobs along gently. It’s reminiscent of Autumn Tree by Milo Greene. The vocals are laid back yet expressive, pushing through the building guitars toward the chorus, letting the lyrics wash over you.

The next track “Big Beat Manifesto” is a higher tempo song. It’s far more of what’s expected of Marigolds and it’s a personal favourite. I think Asleep in the Sun is summed up best in this song, it’s that kind of song to play in the garden with the sun shining and the deckchairs out. It might not be the happiest but it settles nicely for singing out loud regardless.

“Lagoon” is perhaps slinkier, more Strokes-esque in nature and I’ll bet it’s a live favourite. The beat is bouncy and the guitar riffs are battling between beachy plucking and something more upbeat but somehow it still works for Marigolds. The guitars in particular appear to be an slightly unexpected nod to Peace.

The EP ends on “Picnic Days” which is a far cry from the opening “Chamomile” but feels more in Marigolds’ comfort zone and far more similar their eponymous EP. It’s punchy both lyrically and instrumentally. Asleep In The Sun is very enjoyable and easy listening, go give it a spin here and here.

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