Get Inuit get sad for ‘All My Friends’ video

Following the release of new track ‘All My Friends’ Get Inuit just dropped the video to accompany it yesterday. The band take the message of ‘All My Friends’ and put their dark humour on top of it by clowning around of course. I promise I won’t capitalize on the pun opportunities (you’re welcome).


‘All My Friends’ is a war cry to all those abandoned by friends with 9-5s, kids or even worse, a mortgage. Get Inuit get by on their blistering riffs and as-real-as-it-gets lyrics, being sure not to take themselves too seriously and this video shows it. Frontman, Jamie Glass pokes fun at all his boring or ‘dead’, as he calls them, friends.

The track was written as an ‘anti-enjoyment song’ to show the kind of world we’re living in where we ‘rationalize all safe decisions’. The video depicts Glass in a clown costume with a big frown painted on his face. He goes about causing bother at a kids party, in an office and even in his parent’s home.

He finally ends the video deliriously scrubbing away his clown makeup to don a suit and join those he was previously calling dead. Essentially saying for all we can put off this unfortunate fate, it will eventually claim us all. This matches what he said about ‘All My Friends’ being “a little hypocritical and a little childish”.

If you want to hear this little number among others (c’mon you know you do) then head over here to see where Get Inuit are headed this summer. Give the song a spin here too!

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