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The Amazons’ Incredible Debut Album

It’s been said that for all rock music is very much alive, the golden age of rock stars is dead but I beg to differ. There’s something inherently rock star about a band that’ll set their tour van alight for the perfect album cover. The best part? They’re the full package, they’ve got the massive tunes to match the image.


Opening is ‘Stay with Me’ which wouldn’t sound out of place alongside All-American Rejects on a 2000s movie soundtrack. It’s a classic tale of young love that no debut album would be complete without. Congrats to The Amazons for making the song feel so big and gutsy despite being one of the most direct and personal songs on The Amazons.

Next up is ‘Burn My Eyes’ which takes a more thrashing turn before ‘In My Mind’. ‘In My Mind’ is a beast of a tune, I have no doubt in years to come it’ll stick around set lists, there’s something infectious about that killer opening riff. Whenever I hear it involuntarily I start bobbing my head and walking with a bit more of a strut, that beat just does something to me.

‘Junk Food Forever’ is anthemic. The soaring chorus has been a proven favourite for the years The Amazons have been touring for. It’s an arms open, belting it out in the sunshine kind of song. There’s a sense of catharsis in shouting out ‘Don’t wanna be alone’ that resonates with a lot of the teens listening to the band.

Everyone’s favourite ‘Black Magic’ takes its place marking the half way point in the album and the transition between the heavier rockier songs of the first half and the indie of the second. This track is punctuated by the crisp, almost sweet guitars and playful lyrics. It’s danceable, marking a difference between other heavier songs like ‘Burn My Eyes’ which are more beat driven and jumpier.

Next comes the first song by The Amazons that I ever heard, ‘Ultraviolet’It’s one of those live songs that makes you turn to whoever lucky (or unlucky) enough to be beside you and serenade them through the chorus. The lightest song on the album is ‘Holy Roller’ but that by no means implies that it doesn’t fit. ‘Holy Roller’ demonstrates the band’s pop sensibility within rock, it’s got a funk to it without compromising the sound that was built up in the rest of the album.

The closing song, ‘Palace’ is an unusual one. I’m not normally one for a slow song but it’s a nice touch. There’s something sweet about the song despite it’s downbeat lyrics. Overall The Amazons was a pleasing listen. It’s leading on where the likes of Royal Blood and Nothing but Thieves left off, there’s lots of promise and it’ll be exciting to see where the album takes them. Could they follow it Royal Blood’s footsteps to become an international phenomenon? Fingers crossed!

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