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Baby Strange’s newest offering ‘Play Me’

It seems Baby Strange go from strength to strength, following the success of their debut album Want It, Need It they’re already back on it with two new songs, ‘Motormind’ and ‘Play Me’, both from upcoming EP Extended Play which is out in July. It’s been claimed that Baby Strange are the closest you’ll see these days to the early days of indie heros The Strokes and Libertines; ‘Play Me’ is a lively throwback to their heyday of the 2000s.


With the way indie music is getting upbeat, dancier and overall a bit lighter I was a bit scared Baby Strange might have gotten soft on us but from the opening riff its clear the band are back at what the do best, thrashing guitars and lyrics that pack a punch. ‘Play Me’ tells the story of ‘some of the fake buzz chasing A&R men we met when [Baby Strange] first started out’.

The song sounds fresh, like the band are charged with a new kind of energy. Want It, Need It felt angry but ‘Play Me’ feels more controlled, like for the first album they were the bull and now they’re the one waving around the red cloth. Lines like ‘Glasgow is so hot right now’ and ‘Loud bands, not my thing’ turn heads and make damn sure everyone knows they don’t care about big labels and how they make it to the top.


The unbridled chaos of the final instrumental with the ‘We are not your friends’ group vocal is seething and just what I love about Baby Strange. The way they pack so much into two and a half minutes is amazing and keep a groove to their songs even with such a bold drum beat.

Show Baby Strange some love and listen to the new track here on spotify. You can preorder the EP here, and grab tickets for their Scottish tour in September here.

Quotes from: So Young Magazine, Featured Photo: Ronan Park, Photo in Article: Dale Gallacher

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