Egomunk’s mysterious new track ‘Drones’

Mysterious musical entity Egomunk have released news of a new EP and there’s a song from it just been released, with a video.

Egomunk shares ‘Drones’, from their EP Part 1 Only┬áto be released in full early summer 2017, the first of a series of mini EPs. This follows the release in 2014 of the acclaimed album Footsteps to Mars. Egomunk is a little different from what you normally see on your spotify playlist though, they’re completely anonymous.

They continues their musical journey remaining – completely nameless, to exist solely as a musical entity, a maker of music with no origin and no ego. It’s a clever idea as without a person and personality behind the music there is no motive behind songs such as Drones that are quite politically charged.

Egomunk says ‘Drones’ was inspired by what seems to be the inevitable take over of technology over morality. Humanity under siege so to speak. The satellites seem to be monitoring us more than looking out to find a greater thing. We were playing with the idea for a while but it wasn’t until we met up with the artist, Jinx, and she brought a beauty and depth to the track that made it feel like it George Orwell had just stepped into the room. Jinx helped it find its heart’.

Whilst video director Matt Broughton says ‘For me the song really places the listener in amongst the rubble. It touched a nerve for me and got me thinking, what if it was me and my children living like that. What would I do? How would I feel? I wanted to evoke the kafkaesque nightmare that is a reality for a huge number of people.’ Watch the video below.

Egomunk have been kind enough to allow the song to be downloaded for free here, and you can check their website for updates on the forthcoming EP here.

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