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Liam Gallagher debuts ‘Wall of Glass’

After months and months of speculation and hype it’s finally happened. Liam Gallagher has begun his solo career. After a tiny show in Manchester’s O2 Ritz on tuesday night, that was streamed like by 92,000 people, he’s released his debut single. ‘Wall of Glass’ is exactly what you’d expect from Liam but I’m glad he’s not doing anything out the box because it would just feel like a gimmick. As he puts it himself, its not about reinventing the wheel it’s about ‘blowing the dust off it’.


‘Wall of Glass’ is stadium sized rock. Between lyrics that were meant to be sang with arms in the air, drink in hand and the distorted riffs Liam Gallagher is proving he hasn’t missed a beat in his break from music. In the interview that accompanied the first play he mentioned that young audiences ‘seem to be coming without even trying’ showing how timeless his previous music has been.

Quite rightfully the song has been described as having a bit more swagger and groove to it than Beady Eye or Oasis songs ever did. There’s more soul to ‘Wall of Glass’ and being a solo artist appears to suit Liam, giving him the freedom to give the song a bit more ‘stomp’ to it and centre it far more around his vocals and lyrics than he was able to in a full band setup.

The accompanying video is once again exactly what you’d expect, strutting up and down corridors and moodily staring down the camera in a way that only Liam Gallagher can make cool. The upcoming album¬†As You Were¬†is due for release later in the year but you can stream ‘Wall of Glass’ on Spotify here and Apple Music here. he’s also on tour in a few weeks but god help anyone looking for a ticket now.


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