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Twin Wild’s new video for ‘Control’

Twin Wild are turning heads with new track ‘Control’. It’s self-proclaimed as ‘different from anything they’ve done before’ and we agree it’s a breath of fresh air. If I had to liken the song to something, it would be like if Maroon 5 and The Black Keys had a baby. The song is about ‘that little smile you get when karma has its way’.



‘Control’ is the follow up to their debut EP My Heart which has clocked up an impressive 1.5 million plays on Spotify and counting. ‘Control’ has the groove that My Heart was missing, it replaces thrashing guitars with plucky bass. What’s really evident here is how Richard Hutchison is a strong strong frontman, cutting about with his rockstar moves in the video.

The video is directed by Tobias Benjamin Lever. It’s a simple video but it somehow both compliments and contrasts the tone of the song. The red and white lighting is simple but the snapping change of the colours matches the sharp beats the band are delivering and the venomous lyrics. The doodle animations are a nice contrast, they lighten up the mood a little, but mainly move with the guitars to make them even sharper (if that’s possible. Check out the video below.


Be sure to give the song a listen on Spotify here and catch them live at Y-Not on 28-31 July.

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