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The Coronas reveal ‘Trust the Wire’

The Coronas fall under that category of Irish band that use a crooning accent and some tufty curls as marketing. They truly indulge themselves in good old ballad to the point where there’s nothing but that on Trust the Wire.  It’s the standard ‘I love you but it’s not working’ theme; meat and veg three ways or in this case ten. It’s not a bad album by any means but there’s nothing new, nothing to write home about. Trust the Wire is a slow burner.

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Opener ‘We Couldn’t Fake That’ is familiar territory for The Coronas but stick to what you know, right? It’s a well trodden path of relationship failure but it sets the tone for the rest of the album well. Overlaid vocals along side the mid-tempo beat keep it moving along at a reasonable pace and keeps spirit high.

‘Real Feel’ is where it gets a bit more interesting. It’s faster and the strum of bass in the background just adds a nice groove to it complimenting the tinkling guitars, giving the song an air of U2 about it. ‘Gut Feeling’ has to be one of my two favourites from Trust the Wire (the other is ‘Look At All The Lovers’ but I’ll get to that later). There’s just something about it, everything flows so naturally. It’s reminiscent of the indie albums of the mid 2000s and wouldn’t sound out of place if Train were singing it.

What works about ‘Who We Are’ is the reflective lyrics and emotive vocals teaming up over a delicate piano. The gentle strum of guitar in the chorus is maybe a bit predictable but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. The final song ‘Look At All The Lovers’ is not only where the album title comes from but also a solid way to wrap up the album. It’s soft and lulls a sense of comfort despite melancholy lyrics.

Trust the Wire is a fine effort from The Coronas. They build on the success of their 2014 album The Long Way to create an even more polished and well executed batch of songs. Give Trust the Wire a listen here, and buy it here.

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