Arcade Fire unveil ‘Everything Now’

Arcade Fire have graced us with their presence once again, this time for new album Everything Now. They’ve released the eponymous song and a video to accompany and it’s something special. In their own mysterious ways they had a small release of the single on 12″ vinyl at the merch desk of their secret Primavera set. Thankfully the track was released soon after on the internet for those of us not to be graced with the luck of being at Primavera. The track is produced by Arcade Fire, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and Steve Mackay of Pulp.


The first thing everyone’s been picking up on is the likeness to ABBA’s classic ‘Dancing Queen’. There’s a very 80s pop theme to it, verging into Fleetwood Mac territory also. It’s almost plain sailing with the gentle strum of guitar, especially compared to great noise of Reflektor. The song is desperate juxtaposition of having ‘everything now’ yet feeling nothing. ‘Everything Now’ is still as danceable as if it were about butterflies and flowers instead, pan flutes and dreamy group vocals proving a distraction from the narrative of sensory deprivation.

The video is just as artsy as you’d expect from Arcade Fire. It’s six and a bit minutes, set in a barren wasteland fit for T.S. Eliot. It’s a dystopian paradox which balances between the sensory over stimulation and deprivation just as the song does. There’s floating cacti, satellites and shots of the band jamming in matching Everything Now boiler suits, what’s not to like?

Go have a listen to the song on Spotify here. The album Everything Now is due for release on 28th July with a whopping twenty covers available to collect. Each cover will feature the title Everything Now in a different language. They set off on a UK tour on friday set around their headline show at the Isle of Wight Festival.

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