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Ten Tonnes’ sophomore EP ‘Born to Lose’

Born to Lose is Hertfordshire’s finest, Ten Tonnes’ sophomore offering. It’s got that folksy-blues-indie thing that you can’t quite put your finger on. Born to Lose is a summer scorcher and a half. Two of the songs have been previously released and already gone down a storm.  He’s a singer/songwriter with a bit of a twist, think Jamie T but if he had a bit of blues in his soul.


The EP opens on ‘Silver Heat’. He says ““It’s really just about looking back, in part about my ex-girlfriend, but more about that mood you can get into, when a flashback hits you suddenly, and you’re right back in that place.” It’s an introspective track that shows a sense of maturity and reflection in Ethan Barnett’s writing. It’ll be interesting to see where he takes his storyteller songwriting in the future.

My favourite song from the EP is the eponymous ‘Born to Lose’. It’s surprisingly upbeat for a song about always being on the receiving end of bad luck at the hands of an ex-girlfriend, in his own words it’s “never being able to get the upper hand over somebody, no matter how much you want to. I’m really pleased with [the song]” The video for it sees young Barnett swaggering around a pet shop, guitar in arms and tarantula in hand at one point. It follows the theme of Barnett getting in the way from the ‘Silver Heat’ video set instead in a professional kitchen instead. Check out the video below.

Feel free to give the Born to Lose EP a little listen here. Ten Tonnes has a busy summer ahead of him including Reading and Leeds Festival, Barn on the Farm and Festival No. 6 so have a check of his website to see where you can catch him.

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