Wolf Alice burst back on the scene with ‘Yuk Foo’

Wolf Alice are back after a long cold winter without them. Their return has been highly anticipated by fans, critics and radio presenters alike. They teased their return with a set of postcards sent out to fans across the world, each boasting a line or two that we now know to be lyrics from songs across the whole new album.


Tonight their debut single from second album Visions of a Life got it’s debut on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. There were a few new bits of information from the radio show including the album itself, an intimate US tour and their biggest UK tour to date across 2,000 cap. venues which culminates in London at Alexandria Palace.

The song itself ‘Yuk Foo’ is big, it’s raging and it’s right up in your face. It’s a bit of a change from ‘Freazy’ and the likes from My Love is Cool too. Ellie Rowsell is absolutely seething, cursing everyone and everything that’s gotten in her way. There’s more driven guitars than there are melodies here.

Speaking about ‘Yuk Foo’, vocalist and guitarist Ellie Rowsell explained “We wanted to make it open to interpretation, so that anyone who was frustrated at something could have it as their anthem. For me, a lot of it is about being a young woman,” she continues. “Even the shit, everyday wolf-whistle thing. As I get older, I feel like ‘Why have I always put up with that?’ When I sing that kind of song, it’s everything that I want to do when that happens.”

Visions of a Life is available for pre-order now, with release set for 29th September via Dirty Hit Records. Give ‘Yuk Foo’ a listen here in the mean time and check their tour dates here to see if they’re coming to a town near you.

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