Declan McKenna’s back with ‘Humongous’

With his debut album What Do You Think About The Car? looming larger than ever, Declan McKenna’s dropped new track ‘Humongous’. He talks about being humongous and everything whilst also being small irrelevant at the same time. It’s a tale known all too well by young people around the cusp of eighteen. The world is in your hands but you can do nothing with it, forced to live as an adult but unable to vote until you hit eighteen.


The appeal of McKenna is that he speaks for the young people on matters that really hit home like in ‘Paracetamol’ and bigger issues that don’t get talked about like ‘Brazil’. The song itself starts as a simple guitar ballad but builds itself into an entirely different beast by the time it reaches the four minute mark. It’s a euphoric chorus, made for shouting out loud, as Declan explains: “I remember writing it just sat home alone with my sister’s guitar in complete euphoria with only a chorus written and nothing else, just shouting the words which are super vague but just summed up all the confusion and frustration I’ve had the last two years”.

The video is equally as massive in proportion, a Godzilla sized Declan McKenna crashing around cities, alongside reptilian politicians, a bit of tin foil and a bit of hallucinogenic camera work. Check him out here and pre-order the album here.


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