Everything Everything have returned with ‘Can’t Do’

It’s mad to think it’s been two years since Get To Heaven, it still sounds as fresh as it did in 2015. Their return came as shock to us all, small teasers had been released with little context on the band’s twitter account but true news only came from a leak on Apple Music this morning before they announced it’s formal release on the Annie Mac show in the evening.


The premier brought about news of their third album too, which is due for release on 18th August towards the end of festival season. The album is called A Fever Dream and I have no doubt we’ll hear more of it throughout their summer gigs before release day. Last year saw them release a one-off track, ‘I Believe It Now.’ but that’s nothing like ‘Can’t Do’ or the “a nightmarish, surreal, exciting experience” that the band have described A Fever Dream to be. ‘Can’t Do’ is about trying to bend to the world and fit into it. Nobody is normal, nobody knows what normal is. ‘I can’t do the thing you want’ – we don’t care we just want you to dance.”

‘Can’t Do’ has the now well established Everything Everything sound, taking a lot of the same sounds from Get To Heaven but with less flow. It sounds interrupted, less melody and more electro. The song still has plenty of energy it in and it’ll be interesting to see hwo crowds take to it live. Everything Everything have several tour dates lined up for the summer, playing some headlining shows later this week in the UK as well as festival appearances later in the summer. Find those here.

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