The Killers with ‘The Man’ and new album, Wonderful Wonderful

Nevada’s not-so-sweethearts are have just released new single ‘The Man’. It comes with news of sixth studio album Wonderful Wonderful which is yet to have a confirmed release date. All this came after another new, or at least unheard, song called ‘Run For Cover’ surfaced live at a gig in New Jersey. ‘Run For Cover’ had apparently been lying unused since the Day and Age era until the lyrics worked.


Annie Mac’s made a hat trick of massive songs for her hottest record this week and Killers frontman Brandon Flowers talked to her about life in the five year break between albums and how Wonderful Wonderful came about. “If we have a gig in Bogota in a few days, we’ll get together and rehearse a little bit,” he said. “That clicks, that falls into place. That’s as natural to us as slot machines in the laundromat. That’s it. But writing together, you’re waiting for lightning to strike.”

Now The Killers are getting on into their thirties now and Flowers discussed the logistical problems with having families and life style commitments. “[It’s] tough. When we first started nobody had families or any kinds of bills or anything like that and we just went to Ronnie’s garage every day. Maybe we waited for somebody to get off work, but it was easy. Now it’s pretty difficult to get people’s schedules, there’s a lot of maneuvering.”

When on the topic of the album, he says “Sonically, it’s pretty funky, funkier than anything we’ve ever done before. I do hear things, though, that remind me of quintessential Killers things. That starts with Mark Stoermer’s bassline… he has a prominent feature on this song, and this is what he’s really great at.”

Stream ‘The Man’ here and keep an eye on The Killers’ social media for news on the album and tours.

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