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Fickle Friends’ new single ‘Glue’

‘Glue’ is the title track from Fickle Friends’ newest and second EP, news of which only came this morning. Glue follows a string of knockout singles including the wonderful ‘Hello Hello’. Despite the pouring rain up North and the fact it was a mid-week release everyone and their best mate and me have all been lapping up the new song.


The story goes that ‘Glue’ came about and was finished in the space of one afternoon: “After signing we ended up doing a bunch of obligatory writing sessions and nothing came from them… the more we got asked to do them, the more frustrated we became. In the end we were like ‘GAH WE CAN WRITE OUR OWN POP TUNE”.

So the day after another fruitless writing session we literally wrote and produced ‘Glue’ in one afternoon in Jack’s bedroom. I imagined the times I’ve been out (and inebriated) and thinking that I’ve fallen in love with someone after only 5 minutes of talking to them at the bar…so I wrote a song about it.”

Last year’s singles ‘Crybaby’, Brooklyn’ and ‘Swim’ soundtracked the summer.

‘Glue’ has the retro pop sensibility we’ve grown to know and love about Fickle Friends, from the artwork to the fuzzy guitars. Last year’s singles ‘Crybaby’, Brooklyn’ and ‘Swim’ soundtracked the summer and it looks like Fickle Friends are set to do it again. The song is groovy and hazy and immaculately produced whilst still keeping it’s DIY roots. Stream the song here, pre-order the EP here and catch Fickle Friends at a festival or on their autumn headline tour here.

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