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Eliza and the Bear with ‘Higher’

In the year since Eliza and the Bear released their eponymous debut album they’ve done a fair bit of changing and this is clearly evident in new track ‘Higher’. Where you may be accustomed to their uplifting brand of folksy indie music, you’re going to have to acclimalise to their new jazzy pop sound. ‘Higher’ is a slick number about getting the girl and the thrill of the chase.


The song has a 50s greasers kind of vibe to it in the artwork and the lyrics while the jazzy bass and the slick guitar riffs remind me of Maroon 5 in the late 2000s. From here it’ll be exciting to see how Eliza and the Bear handle themselves and how they develop their new sound.

They’ve kept their DIY roots having created ‘Higher’ in a shed entirely themselves. Also keeping their down to earth attitude they’ve put on two intimate gigs in London and Manchester for just £5 a ticket, opposing the rising costs of live music, where they’ll play parts of the new album which is yet to be officially announced. Have a little listen to ‘Higher’ here and catch them live for an absolute bargain here.

Featured Images: Sophie Mayanne

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