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Arcade Fire’s ‘Creature Comfort’ video

A fortnight after making their return with 'Everything Now', Arcade Fire are back with a second single, 'Creature Comfort'.

A fortnight after making their return with ‘Everything Now’, Arcade Fire are back with a second single, ‘Creature Comfort’. The eponymous song from upcoming album, Everything Now, was a bit off track. There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t Arcade Fire, it just sounded like they were trying to recreate ABBA’s success.


‘Creative Comfort’ however, feels like a whole new ballgame. The rolling synths beneath the bed of guitars put some groove into the song. It seems like the band have finally gotten comfortably into their sound, like this is what they planned to be ten years ago.

Lyrically it’s a deep one but nothing you wouldn’t expect from Arcade Fire. It’s a newer take on anti-suicide and a step away from the usual ‘technology is scary, I don’t understand young people’ point of view that they usually do, not even slating social media as you’d expect.

The interior debate between Butler and Chassagne’s vocal parts is a particularly note-worthy part of the song; Butler tells the story of the fan who was saved by Funeral and how ‘She was a friend of [his]’ whilst Chassagne wildly chimes about craving suicide over the chorus.

For the video it looks like Win Butler’s been rummaging around the kitchen draws and covered himself and the rest of Arcade Fire in tinfoil, making them look the part as the misfits they’ve always fancied themselves as. The camera sits at hip height through the video, unbudging as Butler struts up and down with his light beam microphone.

The video has two beams running the lyrics either side. The beams are like Wall Street’s figure rollers, probably another statement on the commercialization of the self hate and fame that the lyrics talk about, adding to the unsettling statement they’re making about there being something wrong with the human condition.

Have a little look at the video above and keep an eye out for them online, with a couple of songs being debuted at Primavera a few weeks ago I wouldn’t be surprised to see studio versions of those cropping up before long. Everything Now is due for release 28th July, listen to ‘Creature Comfort’ here.

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