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‘Marigolds are fast becoming one of my favourite rising bands. The Norwich four piece recently released their Asleep in the Sun EP (review here) and there’s just something glorious about it, and I can promise you that ‘Chamomile’ is going to be one of my songs of the summer. I got the opportunity recently to quiz them about the EP, live shows and all things Marigolds!

1. So can you tell us a bit about the formation of Marigolds and where it all started?

It all started when Dave and Joe (the Guitarists) got together because they wanted to create an indie band. Dave and Joe originally were gonna form an emo band, but then decided to go more down the indie route. Dave brought Owen from an old project, and Joe bought Tom from an old project and Marigolds was formed,

2. What’s the music scene like in Norwich?

It’s surprisingly strong for a place that’s so out of the way of everything. There’s multiple great venues, always shows on, and it feels like everyone in the scene knows each other, so while it may not be huge it’s pretty close knit.

3. Are there any bands in particular that you feel influenced by?

Early Weezer, Bloc Party, TTNG basically just a mix of indie pop punk math, catchy yet interesting.

4. You recently released your second EP ‘Asleep in the Sun’ what’s the reception to it been like?

The reception has been pretty great. Getting bunch of gig offers, and radio slots. We’re hoping to use it to get us some good tour slots in the summer.

5. What’s your favourite song from the Asleep in the Sun EP and why?

We each prefer different ones, but overall it’s probably ‘Chamomile’ just because it’s so different to anything we’ve done before so it feels really fresh to play and record.

6. What was the creative process behind the EP?

We basically just start off with a riff or some chords and just jam until we stop and go “ooh that middle bit was sick” and then we work off that and try to think of a structure we haven’t done much yet, drums and guitar usually come first then vocals last. If we don’t feel an idea within a few hours usually drop it because the magic just ain’t there (usually happens after recording as we need time to get back in shape).

7. How was it supporting Youth Killed It?

Supporting Youth Killed It was so amazing. Both them and Franko were insane live, definitely one of the best shows we’ve ever played, Epic is a really great venue to play (great lighting too), one of our favourites along with the Art Centre.

8. Any plans for headline shows in the near future?

We’re trying to organise a tour in the summer, so follow us to get updates on that! We have a few gigs coming up that we’re really excited for, playing a gig supporting Excuses at the Waterfront and Every Stranger Looks Like You at Gringos, but it’s been fairly quiet lately as we’re all stuck in exam season at the moment!

9. If you had to persuade someone to listen to your music in two lines or less what would you say?

All we want is for people to stand around at our gigs, sing along and dance in the choruses, and go “niceee” in the instrumentals.


So there you have it, everything from formation to future plans for Marigolds. Give their Asleep in the Sun EP a listen here and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them in the coming months.

Featured Image: Tom Seago

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