Lyerr’s debut ‘In Principio’

Manchester’s Lyerr have recently released debut EP In Principio and they’re the greatest band you’ve never heard of. It’s mellow indie rock designed just to wash over you, think The Night Café with a tiny sprinkling of The Amazons and Jake Bugg in the vocals. For a debut it all sounds remarkably polished and it’s promising for future endeavours if the band can hit the ground running like this.


Opener ‘Doctor’s Orders’ is a strong start. It speaks to a strong indie sensibility. Something that works incredibly well about this band is the complete fluidity between the frontman’s flowing vocals and bobbing instrumental. There isn’t a distinct difference or gap between them, both elements are fully embedded within each other, creating a smoother sound for Lyerr.

‘Belladonna’ is a change of pace, it opens with a fast paced beat and hounding guitars before hushing in volume but not in ferocity. The chorus slows down, the vocals lead the listener into a false sense of security while the lyrics are biting, vicious and bitter. The bridge of ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s I have no doubt will be rousing live.

Third comes ‘Will You Be Alright’. It feels indebted to Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys  with a bass-y groove evident throughout. An indie band’s repetoir wouldn’t be complete without a couple of tracks about getting (or rather not) getting the girl and Lyerr pull it off nicely.

The In Principio EP draws to a close with ‘On The Run’. Feeling influenced by more blues heavy bands than the other tracks, it proves itself to be a standout song and my favourite from the EP. The chorus is rousing against the pulsing bass and chiming backing vocals. During the instrumental, there’s a little self-indulgent guitar but it’s executed so well that no one dare complain, but rather sway along and enjoy it instead.

Give Lyerr a listen on Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube, and be sure to show them some support over on their Facebook too!

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