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The Amazons released a new video for ‘Little Something’ (Acoustic)

So The Amazons have released a new video for ‘Little Something’? That’s a bit nice. It’s acoustic too, which is extra nice. The video is directed by friend and long time collaborator, Matt Goff. For a song that’s original cut is one of the darkest we see on the band’s debut album (review here), ‘Little Something’ gets a whole new lease of life with this new video and acoustic version.

The band have previously explained that “[Little Something] has a predatory lyric based around the hunt for an obsession that’s out of reach, and then in the darkness and failure of reaching it, finding yourself becoming something you’re not.” With this darkness in the lyrics Matt Goff takes the natural scenery to create tension which builds as we follow Matt Thomson through the woods until the action breaks and we witness a sprint, Thomson appearing to evade an unknown force.

It ends in Thomson on a road, looking like a deer in the headlights whilst his bandmates sit in the car that almost run him over, both parties in equal amounts of disbelief. It’s a nice ending, could be left alone but also leaves space for the narrative to continue if desired. Aside from the story and the song, the visuals are bloody lovely. Matt Goff has truly outdone himself on this one and if you don’t believe me then check it out below.

Give the track a listen here, along with the rest of The Amazons. and if you like what you hear then you’re in luck since The Amazons have a UK tour coming up in October not to mention a whole round of festival dates which you can have a little look at here.

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