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Foster the People tease Sacred Heart’s Club with new single ‘Loyal Like Sid and Nancy’

Foster the People are back with another single following the announcement of their third studio album Sacred Hearts Club. New song ‘Loyal Like Sid and Nancy’ comes after the three original songs released in April marked the band’s return since 2014’s Supermodel. The song is a more electronic cut from the album, straying from the feel good alt rock they built their name on.



The title and lyrics refer to the infamous couple Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. They were in a co-dependent drug fuelled relationship until Spungen’s death in 1978, which Vicious was arrested for before overdosing on heroin while out on bail. Their relationship has been glamourized as a Bonnie and Clyde story and has gone on to be the subject of many biopics.

The song appears to feed into a far darker narrative than the previous two albums portray. The verses sit over synths and poppy bass which admittedly is going to be hard to digest for fans of the Coming of Age era of Foster the People, this misses the mark as a danceable track but it seems that that was the point. The final 90 seconds of the song pull back what would otherwise be a step backwards in my opinion. It pulls away from that pop bass that drowns out all other elements and the song sounds less vacuous.

Unlike previous tracks ‘S.H.C’ and ‘Pay the Man’, this does not appear to be for older Foster the People fans, it completely alienates the music that they were known for three years ago. A lot of change has come about the indie scene in recent years, lots of bigger bands opting for more synth heavy tracks and Foster the People’s songs have always been successful with their usage up until now, where they’ve taken the light, beachy guitars and ditched them. Hopefully Sacred Hearts Club has as much variety as the singles have displayed or else it may fail to hit the mark.

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