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Inheaven drop another song from debut album, called ‘World on Fire’

‘World on Fire’ packs a punch right from the opening beats. The production and the mix make the song punchy, crisp and incredibly balanced whilst still retaining the more dirty, deliberate lo-fi sound that INHEAVEN have become known for. There’s definite garage elements to the song while still keeping it’s indie punk rage.

Stylistically it’s just what you’d expect from INHEAVEN, delivering angry, overtly political angry lyrics talking about women’s rights, lying politicians and wars. This is a war cry if ever I’ve heard it. This song comes at a tumultuous time when politics are getting far more overtly involved in pop culture than ever and everyone’s writing songs about it. From this band the words and sentiment behind them seems genuine, it’s no Win Butler trying to talk about American prosperity over a 2000s ‘Dancing Queen’. It’s too easy for songs like this to be bland, singing lots without saying anything of substance at all, too afraid to alienate a minority of fans but INHEAVEN do not mince their words here.

There’s a lot of tension in the verse that explodes in a ridiculously satisfying way in the chorus. The sheer grating guitars prove formidable against the bass. Group vocals make the song noticeably more punky and driven, which will no doubt carry through to the band’s already raucous live shows. The strings feel hollow until the bridge where they truly take on a life of their own, trashing through the drum beats.

Have a listen to ‘World On Fire’ by INHEAVEN on Spotify here and YouTube here, and be sure to keep an eye on them with a busy festival circuit, headline UK tour in the autumn and debut album Vultures ready for pre-order, to be released in the autumn too. INHEAVEN are not a band to be missed.

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