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Foster the People offer a seat with ‘Sit Next to Me’

It’s been a great week to be Foster the People, they’ve played a knockout set of shows including one at Somerset House and a secret one at the 100 club, they’ve got their third album Sacred Hearts Club is on the way and now they’ve gone and dropped another banger too. It’s a different kind of song to last release ‘Loyal Like Sid and Nancy’ (you can read the review here) which didn’t quite hit the spot.

ry_hdr_fosterthepeople_073117The song starts in simple synths and ghosting vocals before a slow, slinky bass line sets in under frontman Mark Foster’s understated sultry, seductive vocal tones. The track is a summer sizzler, it’ll fit right into poolside playlists just as much as it will in bars in the evening and clubs in the night. It feels like Foster the People’s take on a MGMT song but it still sounds like a Foster the People song, incorporating a lot of the same themes as Supermodel had.

The chorus is where ‘Sit Next to Me’ really comes alive. The synths taking a more 90’s psychedelia turn and the building group vocals are just begging to be sang along to. The narrative of Sacred Hearts Club may not be as dark as predicted with the release of this song, putting ‘S.H.C’ and ‘Sit Next to Me’ as lighter notes among the likes of ‘Doing It For The Money’.

While Foster the People have never been short of catchy hooks, they’ve never tried a bass heavy dance track until Sacred Hearts Club and I think they’ve hit the jackpot here. With the fusion of their older music and this, is where it’s at it’s best. It’s not alienating to old fans but it’s not got them stuck in a rut. Exciting times lie ahead for Foster the People.

Give the song a listen here and check out Sacred Hearts Club when it drops worldwide on 21st July.

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