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Nothing But Thieves’s second offering ‘Sorry’ from Broken Machine

Southend’s finest, Nothing But Thieves, are back with a second cut from their upcoming album Broken Machine. The track, called ‘Sorry’, takes a far different tone to that of its predecessor ‘Amsterdam’. ‘Sorry’ isn’t quite Nothing But Thieves as you currently know them, they’ve taken a step back from the thrashing riffs and massive noise we know them for, instead exchanging it for what front man Conor Mason called “not a rock song” on the Annie Mac show this evening.


‘Sorry’ opens with no introduction, simply launched into Mason’s emotive vocals over a simple guitar. It continues like this through the first verse, the vocals becoming more pleading as it goes on. The second verse has more a shuffle to it, getting a more full bodied sound and the vocals sounding more empathetic than pleading. The bridge is where ‘Sorry’ comes into its own, group vocals are powerful and Mason begins to flex his vocal chords and show his range.

Lyrically the song is, as ever, incredibly intricate and quite clever really. The subject matter is tackled in such a way that it transcends singular meaning whilst remaining conversational in delivery.  The lyrics could be an exchange between a child and parent, between a couple or even between generations.

With the impassioned way Mason sings it suggests a more personal matter is at the heart of ‘Sorry’, but it wouldn’t be the first time Nothing But Thieves have pulled personal meaning into a wider topic before (see’ Graveyard Whistling’). Similarly ‘Amsterdam’ was a more introspective song but the video brought out social commentary, perhaps ‘Sorry’ will go down the same route.

‘Sorry’ comes from the album Broken Machine which is due for release on September 30th. Give the single a listen here (I suggest you do, it’s a bit bloody nice) and watch out for the video at midnight.


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